Cookie Policy

At FreeTemplatesTheme, we keep transparency in how we collect your data. This policy provides clear information about our ways of using cookies to make your browsing experience better. This cookie policy is applied to all FreeTemplatesTheme products and services.

FreeTemplatesTheme use cookies

Our privacy policy clearly states our use of cookies and other ways of collecting data to provide best user experience on our website. Cookies also act as a safeguard for your account information on our website. If you continue visiting FreeTemplatesTheme or using our services, you accept and agree to the use of cookies, technologies and other ways of collecting data.

Cookies Meaning

Cookies are small file or piece of data send to your device or computer at the time of visiting FreeTemplatesTheme, this enables our features and services. Cookies help us in identifying your device and securing your access to our website. Further it helps in protecting your account if someone tries to access your account. With the help of cookies, you are shown relevant advertisement.

Types of Cookies

FreeTemplatesTheme uses two types of cookies, persistent cookies and session cookies.

Persistent Cookies

It helps us in recognizing your sign in status, after you sign in you get access to our services and features. Once you leave FreeTemplatesTheme without signing out, you stay signed in even after revisiting our website this is because persistent cookies help us in reading your sign in status as active user. These cookies stay active until you delete them from your computer or you change your browser settings.

Session Cookies

These cookies only last for a session or these cookies are only active until you leave FreeTemplatesTheme.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are mainly used to track your ip address, device id, sign in status, settings and preferences to provide you best user experience on FreeTemplatesTheme. Cookies also help us in showing relevant advertisement on our website. Cookies help us to improve FreeTemplatesTheme performance, product and services on different devices such as mobile, tablet or computer.

Use of Cookies for Advertisement

FreeTemplatesTheme shows third-party advertisement on different pages. These third-party advertisement network uses your browser cookies and other technology to analyze and show you relevant ads. They can set third party cookies on your browser to request ads from their website. We use this information to show relevant ads and provide analytics to these third-party advertisement networks to help them in understanding how visitors engage with their ads. These cookies are also used to protect users and third-party advertisement networks from fraud.

Third-party Cookies

FreeTemplatesTheme uses third party cookies from YouTube, Facebook, twitter and many other companies. These service providers place their cookies or use other technologies to learn about your interest in their services.

Controlling Cookies

You can delete cookies from your device manually or other way to control cookies is through your browser settings. To know about cookies management for your browser visit browser company relevant support page. However, this may worsen your overall experience on FreeTemplatesTheme in relations to our features and services.